Ultimate Review: Onyx Forex Platinum Trading Accelerator 2.0

The course shows you how everyday beginners can make an extremely lucrative $500-$1,000 a day through trading online. So I went ahead and bought the course to see what it’s about.

I have been doing research for years online about trading, but Nick’s approach and trustworthy personality stood out when I saw him on a YouTube ad showing student results.

So this was the opportunity for me to do what I do best.


Who is Nick Deflorio?

I’m not gonna talk too much about him on a personal level since I don’t know him personally. But from some very fine tooth comb research I have found loads of social articles and reviews that are really really positive.

Listening to his story and background, it seems he was a real estate agent in 2016 (I verified this through my deep search) he then was just like me, someone who wanted more out of life and wanted to make more than he could at his job, but also wanted to keep the flexibility and freedom

He is also what he claims, a 6 figure trader, I found an old YouTube channel from 2017 where he was doing live analysis and showing live trades. It turns out that Nick is actually a very profitable trader and has been working on his strategy since 2016.

Nick learnt to trade in his spare time whilst working full time in 2016 and left his job in November 2016.

Nick has also worked at million dollar trading firms and even institutional foreign exchange firms.

He now runs Onyx Forex, because he wanted to help others produce 6 figure trading results, without having any experience, without massive capital and simply on the side of their jobs.

Before we even go into the course, we should address why he’s so popular with his students

The easy answer is that he’s very supportive and treats every member like family. From his videos he only focuses on helping his students gets results and nothing else. That’s why he doesn’t flash Lamborghini’s and luxury items like all of the other ‘’trading gurus’’ I have come across.

Nick usually wears plain nike t-shirts of plain $20 t-shirts I his advertisement, this gave me a sense that I could relate with him as he isn’t putting himself on some fantasy pedestal.

A lot of other programs don’t care about the students, and only brag about how much money they make. Nick doesn’t do this, in contrary he does quite the opposite. He’s pretty quiet about the money he makes, and only shows it as proof that trading online is real and it is possible to make a significant income.

To cap it off, this is a person that shares methods that consistently work with his students.

Nicks Online Course: A Full Review Of The Onyx Forex Trading Accelerator 2.0

His course, Onyx Platinum, is his private mastermind program that was kept private for a while, I’ll give you my thoughts on if it’s worth it or not.

The program usually costs $4,997, which is much more affordable than other alternatives I have found online. However this doesn’t mean it’s cheap, so pay attention before putting out your credit card!
In this program, he teaches you not only the in-depth advanced profitable trading strategies , but real life skills to use. This includes things such as:

  • Technical Analysis
  • Risk Management
  • Profit Maximisation
  • Compounding Growth To Build Wealth
  • How To Start As A Complete Beginner & Make $1,000 A Day Trading
  • Overall Market Analysis
  • How To Take Trading Full-Time
  • How To Do It On The Side Of Your Full Time Job
  • How To Become Extremely Successful At Building Your Trading Profits
  • This is only the few things he works on but the reason why his teachings are effective is because he has video trainings on how to do each one of them step by step.

A lot of people say this course is very expensive but compared to other alternatives, you’re getting a very good deal for $4,997. This is also because every member gets access to talk to him directly, and have him answer important questions in the mastermind program. This helps students from getting lost and makes sure they’re doing things right.
The course is mean to be a 6 week program, but you can take as long as you want and go over the material as slowly/quickly as you want. What you find here is nothing like any other program before this. No other program will have a mentor to go out of there way to go into depth on how trading works, how to do it successfully and more importantly how to execute his exact strategy in a few simple steps.

This is genuine training that works despite some people thinking that this is a scam or too good to be true.
I decided, to give you all the best review possible, I would buy the program with my own money and test it out for myself (PLUS get inside information that you wouldn’t get by just researching)

What My Personal Experience Was Like

Okay, as soon as I paid for the program, I had an email in about 25 minutes from Nick himself (I replied to see if it was actually him) this was a big tick for me, I got greeted personally by the person I am investing in and trusting with my hard earned money.

I also got instant invites to the Facebook group where there are about 500 members who are VERY active.

So I decided to go through about 200 of the latest posts, from my initial inspection I saw loads of positive results, in particular people making between $300 to upwards of $5,000 in just one trade, this instantly eased some tension as I am now seeing what Nick promises come to fruition.

What else I thought was interesting was that Nick himself is the most active on the group and continually working with students to help them reach success.


So now let’s talk about the course and my experience in the learning process.

I had no experience trading before I took the course, so it was a good experiment for me to really try focus and see if this strategy actually works for someone who knows nothing about trading.

As soon as I had finished the 3rd module which took me about 3 hours in total, I was impressed to say the least.

The training was engaging and practical, Nick was showing real life examples of how to execute his strategy and he speaks in Layman terms which really helped me get a grasp of trading.

At this point, I had learnt far more than I did off YouTube tutorials and I was only 3 hours into the course.

About a week later, I had finished the entire course.

So now, it was time to test his strategy in the real market.

For some reason, I wasn’t scared one bit.

The training was so thorough that I knew exactly what I was doing before I even created my trading account.

This was a big green tick for me, to see an online trader actually deliver something they promised, I was caught quite off guard.

But it wasn’t over there, as I still needed to test the theory and see if this was actually something that could make me $500-$1,000 a day in profit.

I funded my trading account with $1,000 to test the waters, and quite frankly, Nick mentioned you didn’t need much starting capital so I wanted to truly see if what he was preaching was true.

Within the first 3 trades I took, I won 2 trades totalling a profit of $347.
This shocked me as I was not expecting to make $300 in my first live day of trading.

Here’s where it gets even more interesting.

The second day, I placed 4 trades and won all 4 totalling my profit for the two days at $738
I turned my $1,000 into $1,738 in two days.

So, my opinion was cemented. I was confident that Nicks strategy was sufficient and very profitable if executed well.

What’s Inside Onyx Platinum Trading Accelerator 2.0

Week 1 – Onyx Mindset

This is what’s he covered in week 1

  • How To Increase The Effectiveness Of The Program
  • How To Focus & Fit The Training In Whilst Working Full Time
  • How To Create Attainable Financial Goals That The Course Can Achieve

If you’re a complete beginner to making money online, this is a very applicable module for you to go through since it sets the pace for the entire course. I

Nick really sets the tone here and slowly introduces some very basic principles you need to succeed, I was shocked at how easy he made it sound, in reality, it was fairly easy.

Week 2 – A Complete Introduction To Trading (Perfect For Beginners)

In week 2, he teaches you a complete overview of trading.

He literally breaks down how the markets move, what a financial chart is and other key important details to know before trading.

  • What makes the market move
  • What influences price movement
  • Different sorts of traders
  • Difference between trading and investing
  • Different Trading Styles
  • Complete Overview of the forex market
  • Different Risk Profiles

This is must watch module for a complete beginner, even an intermediate trader would take some really solid information and knowledge out of this.

Week 3 – Introduction To Technical Analysis

Now this is when the program really kicks off. Nick now dives into the KEY fundamentals of breaking down and analysing a financial chart, this module is pure gold and I took some lifelong lessons out of this module.

In week 3 he breaks down the fundamental principles of Technical Analysis, these skills you learn in this module are strategies that will never change and that are crucial to trading success.

He teaches you how to start analysing the markets quickly and finding profitable trades within 15 minutes of opening your phone or laptop.

How does he do this? By leaving nothing out of the training. He includes:

  • How to Analyse a financial chart like a professional
  • What candlesticks are
  • How to identify different trends
  • How to trade different trends
  • How to ensure you have ‘’Technical Edge’’

Everything has already been tested and proven to work so his students in the mastermind group just has to implement everything he provides and they will get the same results. This is why his students gets such great success, Nick has already done the hard work for you.

Week 4 – Advanced Market Analysis

This module alone is worth $5k alone (not joking)

This was some of Nick’s best coaching, the information I took from this module was so crucial to my success, I seriously had to watch it 3 times over.

As you can see in the photo below, this module is broken down into 3 parts.

From start to finish my eyes were glued to the screen because I was enjoying the practical breakdown of each step.

There’s simply not much more to say other than, this was the highlight of the entire course, he basically gives you his entire strategy on a platter, all you have to do is listen and implement and it’s worth its weight in gold.

Week 4 – Advanced Market Analysis

This module alone is worth $5k alone (not joking)

This was some of Nick’s best coaching, the information I took from this module was so crucial to my success, I seriously had to watch it 3 times over.

As you can see in the photo below, this module is broken down into 3 parts.

From start to finish my eyes were glued to the screen because I was enjoying the practical breakdown of each step.

There’s simply not much more to say other than, this was the highlight of the entire course, he basically gives you his entire strategy on a platter, all you have to do is listen and implement and it’s worth its weight in gold.

Week 5 – Lowering Risk & Maximising Profitability

Week 5 he teaches you how to massively lower your risk and increase your profits by a huge amount.

This is using his 3:1 Reward/Risk strategy that I feel is so genius as it makes sense.

Nick also covers every single step to placing correct stop losses, correct profit areas and how to actively manage your trades so you are remaining consistently profitable.

If this is all not making sense to you right now (trust me, it will all make sense once he explains it lol)

But to sum this module up, its again very crucial to understand how to maximise profit and minimise any risk you may face whilst trading.

Week 6 – The Keys To Consistency and Explosive Profitability

Week 6 is absolutely incredible. He teaches you how to skip the learning curve like 90% of traders face, he ensures that you have an actionable game plan to follow going into your first trade.

He also touches on the importance of compounding growth and how you can turn $2,000 into over $80,000 within 12 months if you follow the process to a T.

This module tied everything together for me, after this I was very confident in my ability to make a trade and analyse a market within minutes.

He also maps out a trading plan for you to follow, this is something that a lot of professional traders talk about using.

I was quite surprised to see Nick teaching this to beginners, but it was a massive bonus as I thought this was just a beginner course, turns out this course could definitely teach a lot of already profitable traders how to increase their results.

BONUS Modules - The Previous Live Q/A’s

This is where I finally saw the powerfulness of the Onyx Community.

Everyone on the Live Q/A call was so friendly and it felt like everyone was on the same path, heck I even found someone who had the exact same job as me just in a different city!

What is more important is the tailored coaching that Nick provides in these sessions, he sits down for over 30 minutes answering any questions but not just that, he shows you live examples and goes deep into your question so you aren’t confused any more.

This module was powerful, I was really impressed with what I learn’t watching these.

What I LOVE About Onyx Forex

If you are a complete beginner and someone who is ambitious to make more money in general, this will really help you build some solid income online. There was loads of results of people making thousands per day, I also got the opportunity to speak with some members I met along the way and they were constantly speaking positive about the changes it had made to their life.

This course is for beginners, people with no experience in trading. Even if you have experience in trading, this is a no-brainer for you to learn from a top trader like Nick who constantly performs and still practices what he preaches.

There is no confusion, everything is straight forward, you have direct support from him, guidance from him, all his proven checklists and templates he’s spent years creating.

If you’re looking to get quick results, you’ll get that with this course if you implement everything he teaches. There’s nothing like it. This is a great course for people that are interested and want to get results fast.

What I don’t like about the course.

He keeps his courses and Facebook groups private. This means he charges a premium fee for people to join and doesn’t usually let many people in because he keeps such close attention to each of his students.

This means there’s not many spots for students to join, many potential students last year were denied at the enrolment because the program is kept small to pay close attention to students.


I feel that there could be more Q/A’s maybe on a weekly basis rather than a monthly basis but that’s probably the only feedback I would give nick.

However if you ever get a chance to join, you need to join because it’s what you need. The $4,997 is a no-brainer because you can make the course investment back very quickly and then you are left with a skill that can produce you income for life!

Onyx Forex’s Final Verdict


After looking at all the information, going through the program, there’s no reason why you can’t trust Nick or the Onyx brand.

He’s a top trader but an even better coach, he is young and dynamic and has ambitions of growing the business so this means he has a vested interest in getting his students results.

He’s someone who I certainly will continue to follow.

He’s helped me change the way I view making money and he has certainly opened a new door for me in life. I don’t usually buy products to review but I really trusted Nick from the start when I saw his advertisement.

About The Author

I’m Damien from Nottingham in the UK!  traveling connoisseur and lover of fine dining (before covid obviously) I love learning and figuring out ways to make money. My blog is about reviewing courses especially in the field of finance and making money online, I believe giving consumers a better insight to courses is a good thing to do, especially if I can eventually catch on to scammers and other ‘’fake-gurus’’ who are deceiving people online with their get rich quick tactics.

I gave my most honest and unbiased opinion for the Onyx review and I hope it helps you make a more informed decision on whether this program is for you.

Hope I helped.

Best Of Luck,